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Day 343 of the pandemic.The humans are still at home. The cats are calling it a conspiracy theory and that we planned it, but we say we had nothing to do with it.

In actual fact, I don’t have a clue what is going on. The humans go out a lot less, and when they do it is usually with me. Perhaps they’ve remembered how great I am, and decided to devote more of their lives to making me happy. Makes sense.

In a vague notion that things might be soon over, we’ve started to encourage the humans to connect us up on Zoom calls. Yesterday I connected with Luke in Surrey and Rasper the Jack Russell in Somerset. We didn’t have long until our humans muted us, but we are managing to get messages through. You can’t get smells through those screens though. I pick up what I can from the local walks. Dogs nearby seem as confused as I am. But they are all getting plenty of treats.
The analogue evening barking isn’t so successful at the moment – the humans are drinking more and staying indoors. Some of us are sitting by the fire places so that we can receive distant barks down the chimney. However, not everyone has a fire in their home. So I just bark to the humans instead. But when I do they leave the room. Hmmm.
We’ve all put on a few pounds. On lucky days with both humans here we get a double breakfast. I think I’m quite good at giving that hungry look and sniffing round the bowl. I got two teas as well one day last week. That’s not counting the snacks and the stuff I snaffle from tables and the occasional pocket. I can’t sleep all day like I used to, so I need to keep my energy up. There’s a lot going on! I must get my tummy tickle on the hour every hour.
Cats though. With the humans at home more, they seem to be letting them out more regularly now they realise how annoying they are to live with. It creates extra fun as we can disrupt the Zoomers and the Teamers with more barking through out the day. We are just conscious of their wellbeing and are trying to get them away from their screens.

Other great things to bark at – a partial list:

  • trucks
  • parcel delivery (lots of these!)
  • the heating coming on
  • the heating going off
  • people outside
  • when my toys aren’t full of treats
  • pomerarians
  • music – especially when the humans are making it
  • when I need the toilet
  • when I think about other dogs
  • and just for fun
That’s it. Tomorrow is another dog day. I’d better sign off under my pseudonym as I’ve just destroyed a new rope toy that their friend got me for Christmas.