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As a child probably 7-8 yrs. old at a lake one Summer years ago, I was playing around under a tall-ish fiberglass slide that drops you straight into the water at high speed. I thought I was “safe” and smart walking around on that cement base they poured to anchor that slide into the sandy bottom just beneath the water. I was having fun splashing around in between the tall-ish legs of that slide ( the thing was really tall, probably 8ft if I had to guess. But a wave came and knocked me down even with all that protection, the legs of the slide acting as a “cage” almost. I lost my balance, fell down and went under the water (probably 2′ or 3 ft. maximum). And I sucked in water, pretty badly. I shot right back up coughing, spitting, wheezing and attempted to call for help, get someones attention. I was startled and scared and nobody noticed, or saw me. Nobody came, nobody could tell I was in distress. And from that day forward I KNEW that random things can happen, in the most unlikely ways, that nobody, no adult, no kid could rescue me from. It was me, all me. I would have to rescue myself or succumb to Fortuna every step of the way after that.