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I was already working from home, so the so-called  pivot was a non-move logistically. But the benefit was having more time at home with family. Even hunkered down with our screens, the presence here, and knowing they were safe(r) is re-assuring. We were close, but now even more so.

Getting out to do work at coffee shops was something I did weekly to change the routine. All I did was find a quiet corner away from people. I liked it, but it’s not essential.  And I can get the same breaks with more outdoor walks.

And I miss the meals out, they too were a nice thing to do, but now, I am wondering how essential? I’d like to support the businesses (and am struggling to understand how they will make it), but hopefully ordering out is enough. When I walk in a place to pick up an order, I struggle to see how t really is effective, even with tables father apart, seeing people eating, unmasked –no one will shove food tough a straw, but it seems a bit of a show.

I’d say this is upping our home cooking game.

Mostly the long waiting, wondering, the unsureness about what’s next is the incalculable weight. And that I should not express too much worry as worry beats worry.

It’s warm here, cozy, and surrounded by family I count my fortunates, I stack them in chip piles, and they tower over the other things.