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Started a new job right when my university pivoted online.  No chance to get to work alongside new colleagues in a normal workplace.  Luckily they are people I knew already but not in a working relationship.  New directions are always scary but more so when you don’t have experiences to fall back on.  I love my job; in fact it’s my dream job but I hate working from home.  There I said it.  I didn’t take this new position to be working in isolation.  I miss my commute time of solitude and music, I miss the buzz of the university, I miss the hum of the students going from place to place.  But wait…I am sure its not just me.  We all miss those things.  Its a pandemic…what should I expect.

But now we are back in the workplace.  The familiar hums of daily life are starting the return.  But with it comes concern,  Maybe working from home wasn’t so bad.  Not knowing what the next few months will bring is creating anxiety.  There was some peace in the working from home life.  Maybe I like working from home afterall.